Collection: Tecline Backplates And Accessories

Our Tecline backplate range offers diffrent backplate options as well as  diffrent harness options. Wheather you are looking at building up an existing backplate and wing system or replacing the harness on your system. Our range backplates from Tecline  offers many diffrent options to help you build up the idea backplate and wing BC that will fit your current and future needs.

Backplate Accersories

We stock a range of Tecline products designed to complement your backplate and wing setup ranging from Single Tank Adapters (STAs) to Shoulder Padding to go with your backplate and harness setup.

Diverse Backplate Sizes and Shapes:

Bid farewell to the frustration of trying to make do with a one-size-fits-all approach. Our range of  backplate from Tecline features a wide selection of backplate sizes and shapes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your body type and diving style. Whether you prefer a short backplate or a H-Backplate for streamlined travel,we have the ideal option to suit your needs.

Customizable Webbing Stiffness: 

With our range of backplates and harness, you get to  choose the stiffness of your webbing to achieve the perfect balance of support and flexibility. Choose from a range of options to find the webbing stiffness that suits your preference, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit that allows for maximum comfort above and underwater.

Versatile Weight Pouch Options:

Our collection offers a variety of weight pouch styles and configurations to suit your preference and diving needs. From quick-release pouches for easy access to trim pockets for precise weight distribution, we have the perfect solution to keep you balanced and neutrally buoyant underwater.


Transform your dive gear with our range of backplates as well as accessories and discover a new level of comfort, control, and customization underwater. Enjoy your dive knowing that your gear is tailored to your unique needs and preferences, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance on every dive. 

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