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Deep Dive Supplies

Tecline DIR E-Soft Harness Set

Tecline DIR E-Soft Harness Set

The Tecline E-Soft Harness set is perfect for divers who want a DIR Set up but want it with a soft webbing so that is comfortable for them to wear with just a rash guard for diving in the tropics.

Upgrade your diving gear with the Tecline DIR E-Soft Harness Set. Designed for comfort and durability,  This harness comes with soft webbing featuring the iconic E logo. Elevate your underwater experience today!

Set includes:

- soft webbing 50mm with "E" logo

- 2x bent d-ring

- 1x straight d-ring

- 6x Triglide

- Bungee loop (for inflator hose)

- 5x elastic band for accessories

- Stainless steel Tecline buckle

- Tecline crotch-strap


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