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Check out these rubber hoses for your regulators and rebreather from UR-Flex. Made with performance, durability, and customisation in mind, these rubber regulator hoses are made to perform reliably and in the most demanding conditions.

These rubber regulator hoses from UR-Flex comes in low and high pressure versions and are available in a huge variety of  lengths options and if you are unable to find the particular length you need, UR-Flex's rubber regulator hoses can be made to order in a length that you require.

Rubber Hose Vs Braided Hose
Rubber Hoses are very durable and resistant to abrasion. They are also resistant to kinking up underwater and are predictable underwater. This particular trait makes rubber hoses the preferred choice for technical divers who use a 7ft or 2.1m hose for their DIR / Long hose  regulator set-ups. Rubber hoses are also preferred by divers who wants a hose that does not chafe their neck when the hose comes in contact with the skin of their neck.

Braided hose are made out of light weight materials and as their name suggest, they have a braided outer layer. This lightweight braided construction gives it great flexibility. This hoses are also available in many different  colours due to the material used for its braided outer layer. However this lightweight construction makes it less ideal for technical diving setup as the braided hoses tends to float about underwater. These hoses are also great for recreational divers as they they prefer a lighter set of hose or hoses that come in a wider range of colours for their regulator setups.

Custom Lengths for all type of rubber hose:
One size doesn't fit all in scuba diving, which is why our rubber regulator hoses are available  in custom lengths. Whether you need a shorter rubber high pressure hose for your transmitter or a rubber inflator hose on your side mount regulator set ups or a slightly longer rubber low pressure regulator hose for your regulator 2nd stage to increase your freedom of movement. We have you covered. Say goodbye to awkward hose lengths and hello to a perfect fit every time. If you are unsure what is the length you require, please drop by our shop so that we can measure you up as well as guide you on the rubber hose that will fit you.

Rubber regulator hose are slightly heavier then braided regulator hose. As with any regulator hoses, including rubber ones, there is always a life span. On the average rubber regulator hose should be replaced very 2 years depending on the frequency you dive. 

Ur-Flex rubber hoses are available in a various configurations options and can be made with different type of connectors to suit your regulator set up as well as your rebreather setup. The pics below shows the different standard sized connectors available but if you require a particular size, please drop us an email and we will see if we can have it made for you.

Browse our selection of rubber hoses from UR-Flex today and take your diving to new depths!

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