Collection: Wings / Buoyancy Compensator Device (BCDS)

Are you tired of backplate wings that feel restrictive and obstructive, getting in the way of your head and preventing you from looking forward? Say goodbye to these frustrations and hello to a new era of freedom and flexibility with our backplate and wings. These wings are built with innovative features to address this issues, our wings allows you to have un restricted movement, allowing you to concentrate on the dive with ease.

Streamlined Design for Unobstructed Head Movement:
Bid farewell to dive wings that blocks your head and hinder your movements underwater. Our Tecline Peanut-16  wings feature a streamlined design that prioritizes freedom of movement, and stability. ensuring that your head is never obstructed especially for smaller sized divers. Say goodbye to feeling restricted and hello to effortless head movement, allowing you to maintain optimal buoyancy and control with ease.

 Variety  Colours to Suit Your Style:
Express yourself and make a statement with our Dive Wings' customizable colour options. The Peanut 16 Wing comes in 6 diffrent colours while the Donut 13 Wing comes in 8 diffrent colours to suit your style and individuality. Whether you prefer bold and striking colours or subtle and sophisticated tones, we have the perfect option to complement your diving style and make a splash on every dive

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