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AMX TEKnology's venture started while manufacturing high-precision aluminum parts for civil and military aviation. After seven years in this field, we realized that the same techniques, materials, and quality standards could be applied to create top-notch scuba diving accessories. With over 20 years of underwater experience, we are dedicated to developing unique, innovative, and reliable products that enhance the diving experience.

Quality and Precision
AMX-TEKnology bring the rigorous standards of the aviation industry to scuba diving, ensuring each accessory is crafted with the utmost precision and durability. Their products are designed to perform flawlessly in all situations, giving divers confidence and peace of mind.

Innovation and Excellence
AMX-TEKnology continuous pursuit of innovation leads us to create diving accessories that stand out for their functionality and reliability. AMX-TEKnology is committed to providing divers with cutting-edge solutions that enhance their underwater adventures.

Passion for Diving
Their deep-rooted love for diving drives them to design and manufacture products that we ourselves would use. AMX-TEKnology strive to share the joy and excitement of diving with their customers through high-quality, dependable equipment and accessories.

Join us and experience the difference  with AMX-TEKnology.

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