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A diving mask is an essential piece of equipment for scuba diving, snorkelling, and other underwater activities which helps divers to see clearly underwater. Frameless mask or single lens mask are types of diving mask that has a single piece lens made out of tempered glass that is attached to either a opaque or transparent silicone skirt.

Difference between the types of diving mask
Most diving mask have lens that are made out of tempered glass. Tempered glass is preferred due to of its strength and resistance to shattering under pressure. It provides clear vision underwater while being durable enough to withstand the rigors of diving. A single lens mask or frameless mask will have a single piece of lens that is attached to a silicone skirt while a dual lens mask is one that have 2 pieces of lens that are held to the silicone skirt with a frame usually made out of plastic, but in some rare cases made out of metal.

Advantage of Single lens and Frameless Lens Mask
Frameless mask and single lens mask offers several advantage over a dual lens mask. The advantage includes a uninterrupted and wider field of vision due to its large single lens which allows the diver to see more of their surroundings. Frameless mask are also more compact due to the absence of the frame which makes them easier to pack and transport. due to its frameless design, frameless mask also have a low internal volume which makes it very easy to clear and equalise the pressure underwater. Frameless mask are the preferred choice for most technical divers as a backup mask due to its low volume and compact nature allowing it to stored easily in the pocket of their tech shorts or in a pouch.

Straps And Buckles
The skirt of a frameless mask is directly moulded to the lens eliminating the need for a separate frame reducing the overall weight and bulk of the mask. Due to this design, frameless mask have buckles that are attached directly to the skirt. This design allows for easier adjustment and better fit since the straps are attached to the soft silicone skirt allowing the mask strap to conform better to the back of your head. Some frameless mask like the popular Oceanic Shadow Mask and the Tecline Frameless View Mask comes with the neoprene strap as default allowing the strap to easily slide over the back of your head. This is especially useful for divers with long hair as the usual silicone strap will usually get entangled in the hair of the diver.

Single Lens mask with innovative designs
Some single lens mask includes a frame as part of its design and construction, but due to this design the frame can be switched out for a different colour or replaced if it gets damaged. One popular example would be the Mares Pure Wire Mask. This innovative single lens mask features a interchangeable frame allowing you to personalise your mask.

Overall, frameless and single lens diving masks offers a large field of vision in a light weight and low volume package making it very popular among both beginner and professional divers alike.

Their light weight construction, wide field of view and innovative features are the primary reasons why they are the preferred diving mask for so many divers.

We strongly encourage you to come down to our shop to take a look and try these mask for yourself. This is also so that we can help you to find a mask that will fit you based on understanding your preferences as well as your facial features.



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