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Oceanic Shadow Mini Mask

Oceanic Shadow Mini Mask

Experience the ultimate comfort and clarity underwater with the Oceanic Shadow Mini Mask. Designed to keep you focused on your dive, this high-quality mask features a neoprene strap for a secure and snug fit. Say goodbye to fogging issues with its virtually fog-free experience and wide range of vision.

 The Oceanic Shadow Mini Mask is a frameless mask which means that the silicone skirt is directly attached to the tempered glass lens. A frameless design means the Oceanic Shadow Mini Mask offers a unobstructed field of vision as well as being very compact. Frameless Mask are also the preferred choice for  technical divers as their frameless design offers a mask with low internal volume and compact size which makes it a very good backup mask especially for technical divers who often brings down a backup mask with them.

The Oceanic Shadow Mini Mask is a frameless mask that features a narrower and skirt which is perfect for divers with narrower face.

Available in two sizes - standard and mini - the Shadow Mask is ideal for divers with narrower faces. To ensure the best fit, we recommend trying out the mask at our shop before making a purchase.

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