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Dual Lens vs. Single Lens:
 Dual lens masks feature two separate lenses, one for each eye offering you a more narrow or binocular field of vision while a single lens masks have a single large lens that spans across both eyes offering you a wider field of vision. The primary difference lies in the field of vision and depth perception offered by each design. The left picture below shows a dual lens mask or sometimes know as prescription mask while the one on the right shows a single lens mask or sometimes known as frameless mask.

Advantage and Disadvantage of each mask
Advantages: Dual lens mask helps the diver with depth perception enabling divers to gauge depth and distance accurately due to its dual lens design. Dual lens mask usually features a narrow frame attached to a hypo-allergic silicone skirt, due to this design what makes it a ideal mask for people with narrow faces. Due to this dual lens or twin lens design, dual lens mask are are also able to accommodate prescription lens by removing the original lens and replacing it with prescription lens, making this one of the biggest advantage of having dual lens mask.

Disadvantage: Dual Lens mask are narrow in design thus offering a narrower field of view reducing your field of vision or peripheral vision. But due to its ability to accommodate prescription lens, this kind of mask sometime known as prescription mask are very popular among divers who does not want to use contact lens to correct their vision or for older divers who needs a prescription mask to help them see their dive computer or gauges.

The Prescription Lens are available in the range of -1.0 to -8.0 for divers who are short sighted. For divers who are long sighted or have Presbyopia (Lao Hua), rest assured as we have plus lens ranging from +1.0 to +3.0 available. This allows you to have a easier time to read the SPG and your dive computers.

Please bring along your optical sheet from your optician when you visit us, this is to ensure that we can help you find the right prescription mask and lens that will fit your excat needs.

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