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Check out our range of  neoprene mask straps. Chosen to address the needs of divers in mind, our range offers the perfect solution to keep you comfortable and confident underwater.

Hair Friendly Design:
Say goodbye to painful hair pulls and hello to hours of comfortable diving, knowing that your mask strap won't cause unnecessary discomfort or distraction knowing that the mask strap will glide easily over your hair especially for divers with long hair.

Durable Construction:
Say goodbye to flimsy mask straps that break easily, leaving you stranded on the dive boat or scrambling for a replacement. Our Tecline Neoprene strap is built to last featuring either a velcro or codura webbing that is stitched into the neoprene strap itself. This ensures a very durable mask strap that will last you for many years of use. Dive with confidence, knowing that your mask strap can withstand the rigors of underwater exploration without letting you down.

Purpose Built Design:
We choose and recommend  our mask strap to divers only after understanding the divers preferences and the issue they are facing.For example if you tell us that your silicone strap keeps breaking on you, we would suggest that you go for a mask strap with a webbing and buckle design as this kind of Mask Straps are not only very durable, they are also very easy to wear and remove.

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