Collection: Metal Hardware For Scuba Diving

Welcome to our Metal Hardware Collection, offering quality and durability for a safe and reliable diving experience. Dive confidently your underwater adventures , with our metal hardware collection.

Explore our innovative Low Profile D-Rings, ideal for minimizing drag and bulk while offering a sturdy anchor point for your accessories. Popular among Sidemount divers for securely clipping cylinders, our low-profile D-rings ensure versatility and reliability without adding unnecessary weight or drag to your gear.

Enhance your sidemount harness with our Stainless Steel Bungee Triglide, providing a fixed point for mounting loop bungees on shoulder straps with ease. Secure your gear confidently with our Stainless Steel Boltsnaps, featuring a spring-loaded mechanism and corrosion-resistant construction for easy attachment and detachment during your underwater adventures.

Achieve precise and secure adjustment of your straps and webbing with our Stainless Steel Triglide, designed for smooth and effortless operation. Crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, our Triglides offer reliable adjustment and secure fastening of your gear, allowing you to customize your dive setup with confidence.

Elevate your diving experience with our Metal Hardware Collection, prioritizing safety and functionality in the underwater world. Choose durability, choose reliability – choose our Metal Hardware Collection for your next dive. Trust in our high-quality products to enhance your dive and ensure a secure and enjoyable underwater experience.

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