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Stainless Steel Boltsnaps (Various Sizes)

Stainless Steel Boltsnaps (Various Sizes)

Our boltsnap are made of stainless steel in a range of sizes suitable for many applications.
Manufactured from marine grade #316 stainless steel.
These are passivated (an acid treatment that removes iron molecules from the surface of the metal) for a long lasting corrosion free surface.

Extra small and small bolt snaps are ideal for attaching many lighter accessories like writing boards, wetnotes and flashlights. They are ideal for attaching your SPG to a D-ring and making a detachable connection for your regulator (with O-ring and cable ties).

Medium sized bolt snaps have multiple applications. They are useful for connecting  camera equipment, SMBs and so on. It is always handy to have a spare pair in the tool kit.

Large Boltsnap are useful for connecting Stage Cylinders and attaching Sidemount Cylinders, connecting to Scooters and Lifting Bags. Large Boltsnap have a larger eye of about 25 mm (1″) diameter which is  large enough even with thick gloves.

Sizing Information:

62 mm length, hook Ø 10 mm, opening 5 mm
76 mm length, eyelet Ø 15 mm, opening 8 mm
90 mm length, eyelet Ø 18 mm, opening 10 mm
120 mm length, eye Ø 30 mm, opening 10 mm
105 mm length, cold water boltsnap with large eyelet, eyelet Ø 30 mm, opening 10 mm

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