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Deep Dive Supplies

XDEEP Radical Frameless Mask

XDEEP Radical Frameless Mask

Diving is an incredible, immersive experience. One where your senses can be amazed.
The XDEEP Radical Frameless Mask allows you to take in more of what is around you, enhancing both the dive experience and your situational awareness of you by offering a frameless mask which not only fits you very well but offer you a incredible clarity and field of vision due to its TRU-Clear tempered glass which is used for the lens of the mask. 

A superbly soft inner skirt moulds itself to your face, achieving a close and comfortable fit.
XDEEP engineers achieved this incredible fit through completely rethinking and redefining the shape of a traditional frameless mask and using the advanced modelling technologies to turn their ideas into reality.

XDEEP analysed the weak points of current frameless masks and other diving mask, then developed and tested advanced 3D printed models, Adding the 3D modelling to the softest silicone ever used in a dive mask, the XDEEP Radical Frameless Mask delivers outstanding comfort and performance in a low volume and compact package.

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