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Tecline Donut 13 Wing

Tecline Donut 13 Wing

The Tecline Donut 13 Wing provide 13kg / 29lbs of lift! The Tecline Donut 13 Wing features a traditional Donut shaped design which helps divers to easily achieve that desirable horizontal trim underwater . The Tecline Donut 13 Wing is also perfect for divers looking to build up a backplate and wing system from their existing backplates or as replacement Donut wing for their existing backplate and wing BCs.

Tecline Donut 13 Wing Features:
- Lift Capacity of 13L

- Double layer (inner bladder made of PU-240 and outer shell made of durable Cordura)

- Inflator with inflation hose included

- Rear dump valve

- Slots for cambands

-Comes with 5-year warranty

Select from the following range of colours:

1. Black

2. Neon Blue

3. Denim

4. Digital Camo

5. Neon Yellow

6. Orange

7. Pink

8. Red

Please use the picture below as a guide for the colours options of the  Tecline Donut 13 Wings:

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