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Tecline Aluminium "H" Backplate

Tecline Aluminium "H" Backplate

Tecline's unique Aluminium "H" Backplate is precision machined from a single 3mm thick aluminium sheet. It comes with slots that are neatly bevelled and rounded to reduce wear on strap webbing. Additional holes and slots are conveniently located to allow fastening of the wing, a soft backplate pad, weight pockets and other accessories.

One standout feature of the Tecline Aluminium H Backplate is its central spine, shaped like a single tank adapter. This design eliminates the need for an additional adapter, making it a lightweight option ideal for air travel. The backplate also includes cutouts on each side, allowing for more compact packing and further weight savings.

Please note that the price displayed is for a single Tecline Aluminium Backplate, which must be paired with a harness before use. For added convenience, backplates with pre-installed harnesses are also available. Elevate your diving experience with the Tecline Aluminium H Backplate, designed to meet the needs of discerning divers who demand excellence in their equipment.. Weighing in at only 530g, this backplate is the perfect choice for divers looking to streamline their gear without compromising on quality.

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