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Tecline Comfort Harness Set

Tecline Comfort Harness Set

Introducing the Tecline Comfort Harness Set, a must-have for every diver looking for ultimate comfort and functionality underwater. This harness set includes all the essentials you need for a seamless diving experience without the bulk of a backplate.

Each Tecline Comfort Harness Set includes:

- 2x shoulder straps for even weight distribution

- 2x shoulder soft pads for added comfort during long dives

- 2x waist straps with adjustment D-ring for a customizable fit

- 2x adjusting D-rings for easy equipment adjustments

- 2x bent D-rings for secure attachment of accessories

- 1x straight D-ring for versatile use

- 6x trigliders for smooth strap adjustments

- Bungee loop for easy storage of inflator hose

- 5x elastic bands for keeping accessories in place

- Stainless steel Tecline buckle for durability and reliability

- Tecline crotch strap for added stability underwater

Upgrade your diving gear with the Tecline Comfort Harness Set and experience unparalleled comfort and convenience on your next dive. Trust Tecline's quality materials and design to enhance your diving experience like never before. Order yours today and dive into the depths with confidence.



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