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Ammonite is a manufacturer of high quality diving lights and heating equipment. Made with reliability and modularity in mind, Ammonite offers a wide range of batteries , light head as well as accessories to help you find the perfect setup to suit your preferred configuration as well as the environment you are diving in.

Light Heads:
Illuminate the underwater world with Ammonite range of  powerful and versatile diving torch and canister lights, designed to provide exceptional brightness and clarity in any diving environment. From compact and lightweight options like the LED Speelo canister light for divers who want a simple light head that is optimized for extended burn time while providing divers with a tight beam angle, to the LED Nautilus or Solaris Next Gen canister light which features adjustable beam angle as well as a whopping 4500 Lumens of light, our canister light heads offer a range of features and functionalities to suit every diver's preference. Dive deeper and discover the wonders of the underwater world with confidence, knowing that our canister light heads will provide the illumination you need for a memorable diving experience.

Battery Options (10ah, 14ah, and 24ah):
Power your lights or your heated undergarments for your drysuit with our range of batteries, available in the 10ah, 14ah, and 24ah versions to suit your diving configurations and environment. Whether you're embarking on a short recreational dive or an extended cave dive our batteries provide reliable and long-lasting power to keep your canister light shining bright as well as keeping you warm throughout your underwater adventures. Dive deeper and stay illuminated with our versatile battery options, designed to meet the demands of any dive.

Total Burn Time For Canister Lights
The total burn time for each set of canister lights depends on the light head as well as the battery or accumulator that is paired with. For example the LED Nautilus will have a total burn time of 3h 40mins when it is paired with a ACCU 14 Ah Battery while operating at is maximum brightness of 4500 lumen. 


Compact Torches
Ammonite backup torch are reliable, versatile and powerful. The LED Stingray diving torch offers a 1300 Lumen output in a compact package that is only 12cm Long. it is also versatile enough to be used as a video light. Ammonite also made a set of diving torch called the LED ONE and LED ONE MINI targeted at divers who wants or needs a torch with extended burn time of at least 3 to 4 hours, the idea behind this set is to guarantee a fail safe backup torch in case of a primary light failure situation. All in all, Ammonite range of canister lights or compact torch offers a very reliable and versatile setup for demanding divers who wants the very best a compact torch can offer.

Heating Accessories
Ammonite range of ACCU Thermo batteries are designed to work with a purpose built inflation valve known as the A360 and S360 T-VALVE. This combination ensures a secure connection to power your heated vest as well as your heated gloves making sure that you remain comfortable while diving in challenging environments.

Enjoy your dives with our range of Ammonite Systems of diving lights, components and dive in with confidence, knowing that your illumination needs are covered with reliable, versatile, and high-performance equipment. Whether you're exploring reefs, wrecks, or caves, our components provide the brightness, reliability, and versatility you need for a safe and enjoyable diving experience. 


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