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Ammonite LED One Mini Backup Light

Ammonite LED One Mini Backup Light

The Ammonite LED ONE Mini Backup Light is the perfect companion for any diving expedition. This backup torch comes in a  compact and rugged package while offering  400 lumens and 5 hour burn time and while being powered by two CR123A batteries. Designed to provide a failsafe backup against any primary light failure, it guarantees enhanced diving safety. Its ergonomic military-style grip and simple construction make it a must-have for all divers.

The Ammonite LED ONE Mini Backup Light offers reliable performance due to its simple and robust construction. With a body made from durable Delrin® and a head made from hard anodised aluminium, this light can withstand abrasion and harsh weather conditions. Its 6mm tempered glass and triple o-ring protection ensure waterproofing up to 200m, making it a reliable choice for any underwater excursion.

The Ammonite LED One Mini Backup Light is a rugged and waterproof light that is turned on with a simple quarter-turn of the head, it is easy to use and can be conveniently attached to a diving harness. Its compact size allows for easy storage and fits in a jacket pocket. The improved exterior design provides a firmer grip for added security.


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