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Ammonite LED SPEELO MK2 Canister Light

Ammonite LED SPEELO MK2 Canister Light

The Ammonite's LED SPELEO MARK II canister light comes with powerful yet efficient 6-degree beam and gentle corona. This underwater light is perfect for underwater communication, facilitating situational awareness while diving. Whether exploring wrecks or navigating caves, trust in the reliable performance of Ammonite LED SPELEO MARK II.

 The Ammonite LED SPEELO MK2 Canister Light boast up to 3000 lumens of light, this advanced light features three modes for customizable brightness. Not only does this minimize backscatter in murky water, but you can also adjust the light's settings for longer operating times. 

 The Ammonite LED SPELEO MKII Canister Light umbilical diving light is part of the Ammonite modular system which means that you can easily configure and upgrade your set to fit your specific requirements. Say goodbye to sending your equipment to the service center, and effortlessly swap out batteries, cables, and even the Goodman handle type on the diving spot.

Please refer to the diagram below with regards to the burn time of the battery: 

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