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XDEEP is one of the most innovative dive gear manufacturer in Europe. Their equipment are made from the best materials and components available. 

Checkout the XDEEP Radical Frameless Mask which provides a close and comfortable fit while retaining its superior field of view and clear vision enhancing your situational awareness of you, your team and the environment. While a good mask is important, a pair of fins that suits your style of fining while being comfortable on your feet also plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience of your dive. One such example of such a pair of fin would be the XDEEP EX1 Fins. This fins comes in varying stiffness for the blade allowing you to have a fin that suits the type of environment you dive in as well as your comfort level.

XDEEP is very well known for their Side Mount BCD like the XDEEP Stealth 2.0 TEC which is one of the most popular Side Mount System in the world. The XDEEP Stealth 2.0 TEC has been tested and proven many times in exploration projects in parts of the world few people have been to. It has a high lift capacity of 19kg which is perfect for decompression dives which requires the use multiple cylinders. Another popular BC from XDEEP  is the XDEEP NX Ghost. This innovative and lightweight setup is perfect for recreational divers looking to get a travel friendly setup which is also very comfortable and streamlined underwater enhancing the overall experience of the diver.

XDEEP NX Ghost BCD - Deep Dive Supplies

Due to XDEEP pursuit of innovation to create something truly unique, The NX Series Boltsnaps are born. The unique design of the boltsnap and double enders  vastly improves ease of use of the boltsnaps especially when used with Dry Gloves. or extra thick neoprene gloves This is thanks to its redesigned handle which features a larger surface area as well as a very smooth and easy to operate spring mechanism. This same design philosophy is applied to their Sliding D-Ring set which allows you to easily position your side mounted tanks while you are diving.

To sum up, XDEEP equipment are one of the most reliable and well designed diving equipment manufacturers in Europe. XDEEP diving equipment  is our preferred choice as well especially when it comes to our side mount diving needs.

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