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Discover the premium range of UR-FLEX Hoses designed to enhance your diving experience. Made in Europe for superior quality and durability, these hoses are available in both Rubber and Braided versions to cater to your specific preferences. Whether you value the predictability of Rubber hoses or the flexibility and vibrant colors of Braided hoses, UR-FLEX has you covered.

Rubber Hose Vs Braided Hose
Rubber Hose are very durable and resistant to abrasion. They are also resistant to kinking up underwater and are predictable underwater. This particular trait makes rubber hoses the preferred choice for technical divers who use a 7ft or 2.1m hose for their DIR / Long hose  regulator set-ups. Rubber hoses are also preferred by divers who wants a hose that does not chafe their neck when the hose comes in contact with the skin of their neck.

Braided hose are made out of light weight materials and as their name suggest, they have a braided outer layer. This lightweight braided construction gives it great flexibility. This hoses are also available in many different  colours due to the material used for its braided outer layer. However this lightweight construction makes it less ideal for technical diving setup as the braided hoses tends to float about underwater. These hoses are also great for recreational divers as they they often want a lighter set of hose for their regulator setup.

Based on experience and testing a variety of rubber and braided hose of varying lengths, this are the hose lengths that we found to work best for the following diving configurations. Please take note and this is just a guide and different divers may prefer different hose types and lengths due to their regulator configuration and body proportion.

- Backmount:

  - Primary 2nd Stage: 56cm-62cm

  - Octopus / Secondary: 100cm-120cm

  - Inflator Hose: 56cm for Backplates and Wing BCs and 65cm to 75cm for Jacket Style BCs

  - SPG: 60cm for Backplate and Wings BCD and 65cm to 75cm for Jacket Style BCD

- DIR Style Backmount / Long Hose Setup:

  - Primary 2nd Stage: 210cm

  - Octopus / Secondary: 56cm

  - Inflator Hose: 56cm for Backplates and Wing BCD

  - SPG: 60cm for Backplate and Wings BCD

- Sidemount:

  - Left Post: 62cm

  - Right Post: 210cm

  - Inflator Hose: 20cm-25cm

  - SPG: 15cm-20cm

We strongly encourage divers to visit our shop for personalised assistance in finding the right hose length for your unique needs. We will be more then happy to guide you on choosing the right hose length and materials based on your preferences, regulator setup and the type of diving you are currently doing and planning to do in the future. 

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