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UR-FLEX Braided Low Pressure Inflator Hose

UR-FLEX Braided Low Pressure Inflator Hose

Our braided low pressure inflator hoses from UR-Flex comes in a variety of lengths options to suit your regulator setup based on the configuration you are diving in. These high quality braided inflator hoses are fully made in Europe ensuring its durability and reliability over long term use.

This braided inflator hoses are made to be more flexible compared to other brands of braided hose, while offering the same customisaable features as our rubber inflator hoses from UR-Flex. These braided low pressure inflator hose can be made to order in the type of connection and length as well as the colour you prefer as long as the colours are within the standard range of colours that UR-Flex offers. Please note that the lead time for a custom braided low pressure inflator hose is at least 20 days.

Ur-Flex braided inflator hose comes in 2 different options for the low pressure port on on the 1st stage of your regulator, however we only stock braided hoses with the common 3/8 inch options as this is the standard size that will work with most of the scuba regulators out there. However if you require a different type of connection like the 7/16 inch option, we can have it made in the specific size and length that you require.

UR-Flex braided low inflator hoses are best suited for divers who wants a light weight hose for their travel friendly diving regulator setup while coming in a bunch of eye popping colours to really personalise their regulators.

The optional customisation option feature makes this braided inflator hose from UR-Flex a great option for side mount divers, technical divers and rebreather divers who may sometimes require a very specific low pressure inflator hose length to suit their unique regulators and rebreather setups.

 Divers who wants a colourful setup for their regulators also get to benefit from custom inflator hose lengths as they get to have a regulator that is paired up to the low pressure inflator hose with their favorite colours.

This option is particularly useful for side mount divers as the usual braided inflator hoses that they require are usually only available in black.

Here are a our recommended LP hose length for the common regulator setups. 

Recreational Back mount setups:
Primary: 56cm ,62cm and 75cm
Secondary / Octopus: 100cm to 120cm
Inflator Hose: 56cm (for Backplate and Wing Bcs) to 75cm (for Jacket Bcs)
SPG / HP Hose: 56cm to 75cm

DIR Long-Hose Setups
Primary: 210cm
Octopus / Secondary; 56cm
 Inflator Hose: 56cm
SPG / Hp Hose: 56cm to 75cm

Side Mount Setups:

Left Post: 62cm-75cm 
Right Post: 210cm
Inflator Hose: 20cm -25cm
SPG / Hp Hose : 15cm-20cm

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