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Transform your diving experience with Tecline Backplate and Wing BCs . Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and say hello to a world of customization with these backplate and wing made by Tecline. Our range of options for customization includes varying backplate sizes and shapes, customisable webbing stiffness, and wings for every kind of diver. Experience unmatched comfort with our customisable options for our selections of backplate and wing bcs that cater to your configuration and needs.

First start by choosing the size and shape of the backplate that suits you best, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit that enhances your diving experience. Our backplates options offer a perfect fit for every body type, providing optimal stability, weight distribution, and freedom of movement underwater. Whether you need a travel-friendly setup with the H-Plate or a shorter plate for petite divers, we have the perfect backplate to suit your needs.

With a variety of wing options to suit different body proportions, you can achieve optimal lift and buoyancy control for perfect trim and balance underwater. From the Tecline Peanut 16 wing for smaller divers to the Tecline Donut 13 for larger divers, we have wings in a range of colors to match your backplate and wing setup.

Choose from different harness options based on your personal preference whether you prefer a traditional DIR-style harness or the Comfort Harness with shoulder paddings and pull tabs for easy adjustments. Dive with confidence, knowing that your harness for your backplate and wing system provides optimal support and stability, allowing you to focus on the wonders of the underwater world.

Complete your backplate and wing BCs with our range of backplate and wing accessories such as plush shoulder padding or back padding for the ultimate comfort. Visit us to explore the available backplate and wing options and try on the backplates for yourself. We are dedicated to working alongside you to build and customize the backplate and wing system of your dreams.

Unlock a new level of comfort, control, and customization underwater with the Tecline backplate and wing systems. Dive  with confidence, knowing that your gear is tailored to your body and preferences for a perfect fit and optimal performance every time. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the underwater world like never before.

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