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Tecline Peanut 16 Backplate And Wing BC

Tecline Peanut 16 Backplate And Wing BC

The Tecline Peanut 16 backplate and wing bc features an innovative wing which helps the diver to easily into a horizontal position underater while reminding upright on the surface in a single tank configaration.

The Tecline Peanut 16 backplate and wing bc can be built up from multiple backplate and harness options. This options truly brings out what we all love about the well thought out and modular design of a backplate and wing system. From the simple and reliable Tecline Dir Harness to the adjustable Tecline Comfort Harness,The Tecline Peanut 16 bc is a truly innovative single tank backplate and wing bc that is ready for all your single tank underwater adventures.

The Tecline Peanut 16 Wing is also a good alternative to the traditional Donut wings especially for more petite divers. The Tecline Peanut 16 wing offset and asymmetrical design helps prevent the 1st stage of the regulator from hitting your head underwater when you are getting in trim underwater as well as when you are on the surface.

The Tecline Peanut 16 backplate and wing Bc is a proven setup which helps divers get in trim easily while offering divers great freedom of movement especially in the upper back area. This innovative backplate and wing system by Tecline achieves this feat by allowing the diver to position the wing lower on their body compared to other backplate and wing systems on the market.

Features On The Tecline Peanut 16 Wing:
-Asymmetrical design helps divers to achieve a safe and comfortable position on the surface and underwater as well as giving you better freedom of movement for the back of your head as well as upper back.

-Optimal placement of the inflator and dump valve helps the diver with easier buoyancy control.

16L / 16kg Of Lift


Comes in 7 colours: Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Pink Camo, Digital Camo

Backplate Options: 
-Standard Aluminium Plate
-Black Aluminium Plate
-Stainless Steel Plate
Aluminium H-Plate
-Midi Aluminium Backplate (Short Backplate)

Harness Options:
-Dir Harness with Standard Webbing
-DIR Harness With E-Soft Webbing
-Comfort Harness

The Peanut 16 Wing can also be customised if you prefer some form of personalisation for your backplate and wing BC. Please take note that the lead time is 5 weeks for cor custom Tecline peanut 16 Wings.

Please refer to the image below for personalised Tecline Peanut 16 Wing :

**If you require the fitting to be done urgently or on a specific date, please book an appointment with us using the button below.

Please use the picture below as a guide for the colours options of the Tecline Peanut 16 Wings:

Please use the following pictures below as a reference for the Tecline harness options (Starting from the left: Tecline E-Soft DIR Harness and Tecline Comfort Harness):

Please use the picture below as a guide for the available  Backplate options:




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