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Elevate your side mount diving experience with the revolutionary D-Luxe strap, now available in our online shop. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and rigorously tested by diving professionals over three years, the tank strap sets a new standard in performance and convenience.

Unmatched Grip and Ease of use
D-Luxe Dive Gear EVO Tank Strap innovative curved tab design ensures effortless gripping, even with thick neoprene or dry gloves, making it an ideal choice for cold water divers. Say goodbye to struggling with your gear – the D-luxe Dive Gear EVO Tank strap offers features a easy to use handle, especially when used with one hand or with dry gloves.

Enhanced Stability and Durability
Engineered for optimal tension distribution, the hose retainer provides a tight grip on the tank that remains secure without any twisting or slipping. Dive with peace of mind, knowing that your hoses will stay firmly in place throughout your underwater adventures.

Customizable and Personalized
Express your style and personality with the DLUXE tank strap EVO's wide range of colour options, featuring over 20 vibrant choices. Take personalisation to the next level with custom embroidery options, making your EVO strap truly one-of-a-kind.

Tested and Trusted
During extensive testing, the DLUXE Tank Strap proved its reliability time and time again, with no reported cases of catching on debris or other objects in the underwater environment. Dive confidently knowing that the EVO has been rigorously tested and trusted by diving professionals worldwide.

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