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Deep Dive Supplies

DLUXE Dive Gear Evo Tank Straps

DLUXE Dive Gear Evo Tank Straps

Gear up for your next dive with DLUXE Dive Gear Evo Tank Straps! Say goodbye to uncomfortable and bulky tank straps and hello to a sleek, streamlined fit. With these straps, you'll be able to easily and comfortably navigate through the water, making your diving experience even more enjoyable. Time to make a splash (pun intended)!

What sets the EVO apart? For one, its curved tab design allows for easy gripping, even with thick neoprene or dry gloves. This makes the EVO a perfect solution for cold water divers. Additionally, the EVO is easy to operate even in dark or confined spaces, offering a safer and more secure feeling.

Moreover, the EVO’s shape and stitching ensures an even distribution of tension on both sides of the strap, providing a greater pull on the surface of the strap and flap. This translates to a tight grip on tubes that stays in place over time, with no twisting or slipping.

The EVO strap comes in over 20 colours that can be personalized with custom embroidery options. During extensive testing, no cases of the strap catching on debris or other objects in the environment were reported. It’s time to experience the evolution of diving straps and try the EVO today.

Please take note that the indicated price refers to 1 piece of tank strap only.

Please take note that this this a custom Item and is Non-Refundable. The Lead Time for this Item is about 20 working days including shipping.

If you dive in fresh water, no special care is required.
If you dive in salt water, we recommend rinsing the straps using freshwater time to time in order to remove the salt and make sure that no salt is trapped under straps as it can slowly start damaging your cylinders.

Please use the colour chart below as a guide when choosing the colours for your pull tab, 

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