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XDEEP Stealth 2.0 TEC Side Mount BC

XDEEP Stealth 2.0 TEC Side Mount BC

Why settle for ordinary when you can have the extraordinary XDEEP Stealth 2.0 TEC Side Mount BC? With its advanced features, the XDEEP Stealth 2.0 TEC takes your underwater adventures to the next level. Dive deeper with confidence and explore the hidden wonders of the deep. Focus on your dive and let the XDEEP Stealth 2.0 TEC Side Mount System be your trusty companion.

The XDEEP Stealth 2.0 TEC Side Mount Wing is the perfect wing for your technical diving needs. Its revolutionary design allows for exceptional stability and control. Dive deep with confidence and style. 

The XDEEP STEALTH 2.0 TEC Side Mount System was designed to excel in deep decompression diving and in extended cave penetrations. 19Kg of lift in the wing means it can easily support the multiple cylinders that advanced diving requires. Increasing the STEALTH 2.0 buoyancy meant ensuring that the movement and position of the gas could be properly managed. The Stealth 2.0 TEC Side Mount BC does this brilliantly, keeping you stable, balanced and in trim, whatever the level of inflation.

If you happen to catch any part of the system in a narrow wreck passage or cave restriction, it will probably be the upper part of your back first. The designers of the XDEEP Stealth 2.0  TEC Side mount BC have thought ahead and reinforced the upper part of the BCD, improving the fit to your back and eliminating snagging hazards. Safe, functional and secure.

The XDEEP Stealth 2.0 side mount harness weight management system allows you to place the weight in an ideal position relative to your center of gravity. The central weight pocket is simple to move within a considerable range. Just as if you were moving a V or tail weight on a twinset, you can apply the same principle for optimum position and thereby perfect balance.

 All in all the XDEEP Stealth 2.0 TEC Side Mount System is one of the most widely used BC in the world.

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