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Tecline V1 ICE SemiTec I DIR Regulator Set

Tecline V1 ICE SemiTec I DIR Regulator Set

Comes with the following:
V1 ICE First Stage
TEC2 Second Stage with 210cm Hose and SS Bolt Snap
TEC2 Second Stage with 55cm Hose
SPG with 61cm Hose and SS Bolt Snap

The Tecline V1 ICE SemiTec I Regulator Set offers streamlined open water diving in a style that takes advantage of some of the best ideas from technical diving. The V1 ICE regulators are perfect for recreational single tank diving with an easy upgrade path to full technical diving.

The V1 ICE first stage regulator is designed for divers using a single tank. It's LP and HP ports are angled to point downwards, keeping hoses close to the diver and creating a neat and streamlined tec-style configuration when using a single tank. The first stage has a quality matte finish and a raised Tecline logo.

Paired with the TEC2 second stage regulators, these are top of the line high-quality balanced second stages that are also used with the Tecline V2 ICE DIR Regulator Set. It features both Venturi flow controls, as well as breathing resistance adjustments for extra comfort during the deeper dives. The TEC2 second stage also features a central purge button to reduce the frontal area, making it less susceptible to activation in strong current. Together with the first stage, the V1 ICE Regulator set is attractive and professional-looking, with the performance and functionality to match.

The Tecline V1 ICE was designed for technical diver training with a single tank, making it the perfect streamlined OW regulator set. When you want to move on to full technical diving, simply purchase a second Tecline V1 ICE first stage and switch the hoses around. The unique shape of the first stage allows for a perfect configuration to be achieved for both diving on a single tank and with a twinset.

Tecline V1 ICE and TEC2 regulators are suitable for use with Nitrox blends up to EAN40, out of the box.

The Tecline V1 ICE and TEC2 regulators have been tested and certified in accordance with EN250:2014.


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