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Tecline Power Jet Fins

Tecline Power Jet Fins

Introducing the Tecline Power Jet Fins, This pair of jet fins from Tecline is specially designed for technical, cave, and wreck divers.

These pair of jet fins fins offer improved underwater maneuverability due to its longer but stiff blade. The longer blade design on this pair of jet fins from Tecline also makes it easier for divers to use flutter kicks or modified version of the flutter kicks.

The foot pocket on this pair of jet fins from Tecline is also compatible with various booties and up to drysuits and rockboots making it very versatile pair of fins for all sort of enviroments.

The Tecline Power Jet fins comes in 3 different stiffness to suit your personal preferences as well as your usage scenario. The soft version of this jet fins from Tecline is suited for recreational divers who wants a powerful pair of fins but not not as demanding on their legs. The hard version of the Tecline Power Jet fins is suited for underwater photographers, cave divers and technical divers who wants a stiff and responsive fins as they often used precision finning techniques to position themselves underwater.



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