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Tecline LightJet Fins

Tecline LightJet Fins

The Tecline  Light Jet Fins combines advantages of the tested and proven Jet fins with the light weight advantage of recreational diving fins. Its ergonomically shaped foot pocket makes it comfortable to use especially on long demanding dives. Due to the  light weight materials used in the fins, The Tecline LightJet Fins makes a great pair of fins for divers who want the power of a jet fins but want it in a light weight package for travelling.

Due to the light weight materials used in the Tecline LightJet Fins, this fins is also great for divers who are "leg heavy" or struggling to keep their legs up when using advanced propulsion techniques to prevent silting out the underwater environment.

The Tecline Lightjet Fins comes with a ergonomically shaped foot pocket which is very comfortable especially on long dives or when you are fighting strong currents. Combining the the thrust of a jet fins with a comfortable foot pocket while in a light weight package, it is not hard to see why the Tecline LightJet Fins is such a popular fins among experienced divers, diving instructors as well as technical divers.

This pair of light weight jetfins from Tecline is also our go to  fins when we dive in side mount configuration. It has always been our go to fins for most of the diving we do and we will gladly recommend this to divers who want a fin that want the power of a jet fins but in a neutrally buoyant package to help them achieve that flat horizontal trim especially when diving in the tropics with a wetsuit.


-Materials : Thermoplastic Vulcanistate (TPV) a new flexible material with optimal properties suitable for recreational diving fins which is produced from recycled materials

-Stainless Steel Spring Strap

-Ergonomically Shaped Foot Pocket

-Holes for hanging the fins

-Weight of 1 fin:  0.8kg-1.1kg (Depending on Size)

Available Sizes:
S/M (EU 36-41)
L (EU 41-44)
XL (EU 44-47)

Available in the following colours:



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Highly Recommended

Highly recommended for anyone who is currently struggling to maintain buoyancy with heavy fins.

For context, I am foot heavy, which has made staying neutrally buoyant with a heavy set of fins especially challenging. That’s why I decided, on Kai Yi's advice, to switch to a pair of neutral fins. So far, I have no complaints after testing them out in the pool and bringing them on a dive trip to the Similan Islands.

I appreciate how light these fins are, while retaining the power of my old Jet fins. Additionally, the use of spring straps has made putting on and taking off these fins especially easy.

Jenny Goh
Highly recommended

I have been using jet fins all my life. No complains with jet fins except that it is on the heavier side which takes effort to keep my legs up during dives.
Kaiyi recommended this pair of fins to me and it has been a life changer. It gives the same power as jet fins but lightweight. Keeping in the neutral position is easier. Highly recommend this pair of fins who wants the best of both worlds; power that jetfins gives you without the extra weight. Plus, it comes in fancy colours too! :)