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Tecline DIR Harness Set (Standard Webbing)

Tecline DIR Harness Set (Standard Webbing)

Upgrade your diving experience with the Tecline DIR Harness Set (Standard Webbing). This set includes everything you need to enhance your diving equipment, from standard webbing to bent and straight d-rings fixed with triglide. The set also comes with essential accessories like Triglides, a bungee loop for your inflator hose, elastic bands for accessories, a stainless steel Tecline buckle, and a Tecline crotch-strap.

By investing in the Tecline DIR Harness Set, you are guaranteed durability and reliability underwater. The standard webbing is 50mm wide, providing you with a secure fit during your dives. The inclusion of fixed d-rings ensures your equipment stays in place, giving you peace of mind throughout your underwater adventures.

Upgrade your diving gear today with the Tecline DIR Harness Set (Standard Webbing) and experience the difference in quality and performance. Dive deeper and explore more with this top-notch harness set that is designed to meet the needs of passionate divers like you.


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