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SubGravity 45m RES Spool

SubGravity 45m RES Spool

In the early days of diving, commercially made spools were not available, so divers made their own Finger spools using anything from tape spools, to electrical wire spools. With the SubGravity RES (ridiculously enhanced spool), gone are the days of making due with a finger spool that is “Just As Good”.

This finger spool is  one of those diving accessories that you must have especially if you intend to do cave diving. This is a popular diving accessory for leisure divers.  

The Sub Gravity RES spool is made from POM because of it’s durability, buoyancy characteristics and well proven track record in demanding diving conditions.

It comes in 8 colours for the colour of your finger spool , 3 sizes for the spool (15m,30m and 45m) as well as 4 line colours for you to choose from. This finger spool is truly one of the most customisable diving accessory available on the market today.


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