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Ratio iDive Colour Edition Computers (Watch Style - Deep)

Ratio iDive Colour Edition Computers (Watch Style - Deep)

Upgrade your diving experience with the new Ratio iDive Colour Edition Computers, designed for divers who prioritize safety and convenience. Featuring a vibrant color screen and a user-friendly interface, these computers provide quick access to critical information while underwater. The watch-style design is both practical and stylish, making it a versatile choice for all types of divers.

The Ratio iDive Colour Edition Computers offer a range of advanced features, including Air and Nitrox compatibility, 2-10 mix options, Air integration, Multi-Transmitter support, a built-in compass, and a high-resolution 1.3-inch IPS color display. Whether you're a recreational diver or a technical enthusiast, there's a model to suit your needs:

- Deep Edition: Perfect for deep dives, this model supports Air, Nitrox, and normoxic Trimix blends, ensuring you stay safe and informed at any depth.

- Tech Edition: Designed for technical divers, this model supports full Trimix and CCR blends, with advanced features like 10 mix options and Multi-Transmitter support.

- Tech Edition (with Sapphire Glass): For added durability and scratch resistance, opt for the Tech Edition with Sapphire Glass, offering the same advanced features in a robust package.

With a rechargeable design and upgradeable features, the Ratio iDive Colour Edition Computers are a smart investment for any diver. Stay ahead of the curve and maximize your diving potential with these cutting-edge devices. Choose safety, choose convenience, choose Ratio iDive.


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