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Ratio iDive Colour Edition Computers (Watch Style - Easy)

Ratio iDive Colour Edition Computers (Watch Style - Easy)

The Ratio iDive Colour Edition Computers are the ultimate dive companion, offering divers an easy-to-use device that ensures safety and provides essential information at a glance. With a vibrant color screen, customizable design options, and quick access to critical data, this watch-style computer is a top choice for serious divers. Plus, its rechargeable design and upgradeability mean you'll get the most value out of your investment.

Designed for ease of use, the Ratio iDive Colour Edition Computers come in multiple models to suit different diving needs. The Easy model offers Air and Nitrox capabilities, 2 mixes, Air integration, a compass, and more. For deeper dives, the Deep model includes Air, Nitrox, and normoxic Trimix support, 3 mixes, and additional features like a compass and Air integration. Tech-savvy divers will appreciate the Tech model, which supports Air, Nitrox, full Trimix, and CCR, with 10 mixes, Air integration, and more.

Upgrade to the Tech model with Sapphire Glass for added durability and scratch resistance. Whichever model you choose, the Ratio iDive Colour Edition Computers deliver reliable performance and essential features to enhance your diving experience. Stay safe, stay informed, and stay ahead with Ratio iDive Colour Edition Computers.

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