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Deep Dive Supplies

Probe Women's iDry 7mm Wetsuits

Probe Women's iDry 7mm Wetsuits

"THE WORLD'S FAST DRYING DIVE SUIT" - dries in minutes and incredibly warm!

Imagine never having to put on a wet, cold dive suit ever again! That's now a reality with our new iDRY semi-dry dive suits!

Exclusive to Probe Wetsuits, our revolutionary "QUICK-DRY" fleece inner lining not only dries super fast! Its also super warm, super flexible, super comfortable and makes the suit super easy to slide on and off over your skin.

A major warmth advantage of our "QUICK-DRY" fleece inner lining is that it performs similar to wearing a fleece thermal garment under your entire suit. Providing you with extra "built-in" warmth by trapping your core body heat next to your skin.

Our 7mm iDRY has been fully tested under CE en14225-1 Thermal Performance Classification and is rated as suitable for use in water temperatures of between 10 - 18°C / 50 - 64.4°F

Please refer to the Size Chart below:

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