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Probe Unisex iDRY 3mm Hood

Probe Unisex iDRY 3mm Hood

The world's fastest drying dive hood" - Dries in minutes!

Introducing the Probe Unisex iDRY 3mm Hood, featuring the latest in Quick-Dry Technology for the fastest drying experience in the diving world. Made from Ultra-Stretch dive neoprene, this hood is designed to provide maximum comfort and performance. The trimmable GlideSkin face seal ensures a secure fit, while the GEL gripper print on the back of the head keeps your mask strap in place.

Fully lined with our new "Quick-Dry Technology" fleece lining and with a trimmable GlideSkin face seal. Our new iDRY 3mm hood is made entirely from our Ultra-Stretch dive neoprene and has a unique GEL gripper print on the back of the head that helps to keep your mask strap in place.

Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose the Probe Unisex iDRY 3mm Hood for your next diving adventure. Available in both 3mm and 5mm variants, this hood is the ultimate choice for divers seeking top-notch performance and quick drying capabilities. Order yours today and experience the innovation and quality of Probe diving gear.


Measure distance around head at forehead and just above ears.

XS 20 - 21.5"       XS 50 - 54cm

S  21.5 - 22"      S 54 - 56cm

M  22 - 22.75"    M 56 - 58cm

L  22.75 - 23.5"    L 58 - 60cm

XL 23.5" plus     XL 60cm plus

TIP! Our Ultra-Stretch dive neoprene can accommodate variations in size and still provide a comfortable fit. Order the smaller size if you are in-between sizes.

Available in 3mm and 5mm variants

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