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Kwark Navy Series Unisex Leggings

Kwark Navy Series Unisex Leggings

 The Kwark NAVY series of performance drysuit undergarments is designed specifically for divers diving in waters below 20 degrees Celsius with a Neoprene or Trilaminate drysuit. Developed in collaboration with the U.S. Army Special Forces Divers, this advanced drysuit undergarment meets all required parameters for extended dives in water temperature below 20 degrees Celsius. This particular drysuit undergarment comes in 2 pieces to facilitate ease of wearing and removal.

The Kwark Navy series top is equivalent to traditional drysuit undergarment made using Thinsulate which weighs about 400 g/m², the Kwark NAVY drysuit undergarment boasts numerous advantages over conventional drysuit undergarments.

Key Features:

Exceptional Flexibility
Unlike traditional drysuit undergarment, Kwark's NAVY undergarment offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing a full range of motion without the stiffness of medieval armor.

Easy Suit Integration
Kwark NAVY drysuit undergarments designed to be easily worn underneath your drysuit without worrying about the sleeve of your undergarments rolling up.

Superior Air Flow
Designed for optimal ventilation to keep you comfortable.

Weighing less than 1.5 kg, this drysuit undergarment is designed to help you reduces the number of additional weights you need carry by at least 2kg.

Thermal Comfort
Maintains excellent thermal insulation even after getting wet.

Moisture Management
Efficiently wicks sweat away from your body to keep you dry.

Anti-Bacterial Treatment
The material of the Kwark Navy drysuit undergarment is treated to prevent bacterial growth and odor.

Quick Drying
Dries within a few hours after complete immersion or washing.

Flat Seams
Tailor-made flat seams for enhanced comfort.

Soft and Skin-Friendly
Gentle on the skin irritation and chafing.

Option to choose the colour of your thread for a personalized touch.

The Kwark NAVY leggings provides unmatched thermal protection and comfort, making it the ideal choice for divers in extreme cold water conditions. Experience the ultimate in diving comfort and performance with the Kwark NAVY series drysuit undergarment.

In case where the stock sizes does not fit the diver, the Kwark Navy undergarment can be made to measure. Please take note that the lead time for a made to measure drysuit undergarment is 4-6 weeks.

Please click here for the Kwark's Made to Measure form.

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