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Garmin Mk3i (43mm)

Garmin Mk3i (43mm)

The Garmin Mk3i (43mm) is a advanced dive computer and smart watch that is purpose built for divers with smaller wrist. It comes with all the features you expect from a Garmin fitness tracker on top of being a dive computer. This popular dive computer features all the same functions as the Garmin Mk2s which is very popular with ladies due to its compact size while featuring a bright Amo-Led screen.

Garmin Mk3i features multiple dive mode for single gas and multiple gas dive which includes Nitrox and Trimix. It also features Gauge mode and Apnea.

The Garmin Mk3i is designed to provide divers with a customisable and durable dive computer while offering unique features like coloured maps to help  you understand the underwater terrain better. The bright 1.2" AMOLED screen on the Garmin Mk3 as well as durable case that is rated down to 200m ensures that the watch is capable of handling technical dives.

The Garmin Mk3i comes with Air Integration which pairs up to the Garmin Descent T2 Transmitter (Sold Sepreately) for divers to monitor their air pressure with the convenience of reading their air pressure from their dive computer on their wrist. The Garmin Mk3i can also handle up to 8 tanks via the Subwave Sonar Network. The Subwave Sonar Network also allows you to exchange preset diver to diver messages among one another from up to 30m away .

The Garmin Mk3 comes with a dive readiness tool which helps you helps you to plan your next dive based on factors like your sleep, jet lag and stress which ensures that you are both physically and mentally prepared for your next dive. The Garmin Dive Log automatically syncs with your Garmin dive app allowing you to share,review and receive data on your smart phone to ensure that your next dive will be a safe and purposeful dive.

All in all the Garmin Mk3i is a purpose built dive computer designed to offer divers a feature packed and custiomisable dive computer along with innovative features that will help the diver to plan ahead for the next dive with data about their life style factors to help them prepare for the next dive  and coloured maps to get oriented and discover new dive sites.



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