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DLUXE Dive Gear Thin Tank Strap

DLUXE Dive Gear Thin Tank Strap

  • Add some style and flair to your diving gear with the DLUXE Dive Gear Thin Tank Strap. This strap not only holds your tank securely in place, but also adds a sleek and fashionable touch to your appearance. Upgrade your diving experience with DLUXE!

    The thin strap or a SPG strap is designed for those who dives Tody Style, Sidemount CCR (such as T-REB, Flex2) as well as for instructors who want to easily demonstrate stowing the hoses with one hand.

  • The main advantages of EVO THIN are:

  • The band is 25mm thin and stretchy, just right to make gauges and MAV sitting tight with no stress.

  •  Thicker than usual bungee and more durable than a rubber  strap made out of tyre inner tube.

  • The curved tab allows easy gripping with thick neoprene or dry gloves, making the EVO tab an ideal solution for cold water divers.

  • EVO is shaped and stitched so that the tension is evenly distributed on both sides of the strap, exerting a greater pull on the surface of the strap and flap.

  • Perfect solution to demonstrate skills of hose stowing with one hand – easy to pull and strong enough to keep the hoses trimmed.

    Please use the colour chart below as a guide when choosing the colours for your pull tab, 

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