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DLUXE Dive Gear Customised Evo Side Mount mount Rigging Kit

DLUXE Dive Gear Customised Evo Side Mount mount Rigging Kit

Get creative with the DLUXE Dive Gear Customised Evo Side Mount Rigging Kit. This innovative kit allows you to customize your diving experience by easily mounting your gear in a unique side mount position. Say goodbye to traditional diving setups and hello to a more comfortable, customizable dive (and an extra cool factor)!

The Dluxe Dive Gear tank straps are known for how secure and durable they are when it comes to their hose retainers. This hose retainers can be seen in the dive bags of most side mount divers around the world including Singapore. After owning the hose retainers for more then  5 years and using them for our underwater adventures all over the world, we can whole heatedly recommend this rigging kit as this has been hands down one of the best and easiest to use hose retainers and rigging kits we have used ourselves. They also can be personalized with your name and icon if you like, please check with us and we will be more then happy to help you build a personalized rigging kit of your dreams.

The sets are variably configurable and consist of:

3 pieces Tank Straps classic 6cm or slim 4cm       
2 pieces stainless steel clamps incl. protective hose 
2 pieces Bolt Snaps  
1 meter cord 4mm black or 6mm bungee for mounting 

Please take note that this this a custom Item and is Non-Refundable. The Lead Time for this Item is about 20 working days including shipping.

If you dive in fresh water, no special care is required.
If you dive in salt water, we recommend rinsing the straps using freshwater time to time in order to remove the salt and make sure that no salt is trapped under straps as it can slowly start damaging your cylinders.

Please use the colour chart below as a guide when choosing the colours for your pull tab, 

Please use the picture below as a guide for the alignment of the text on the pull tab.

Please use the picture below as a guide for the icon on the pull tab.

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