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Ammonite Accu Thermo Batteries For Heated Drysuit Undergarments

Ammonite Accu Thermo Batteries For Heated Drysuit Undergarments

Stay warm and comfortable during your underwater adventures with Ammonite Accu Thermo Batteries. Designed for heated drysuit undergarments, these batteries provide long-lasting power to keep you toasty. Say goodbye to chilly dives and hello to a cozy and enjoyable experience.

The ACCU THERMO battery has been designed to efficiently and reliably supply power to heated dive wear and umbilical dive lights operating at 12V.
Simple and intuitive control, efficiency, and the highest possible durability distinguish ACCU THERMO from other devices on the market of modern diving equipment.

ACCU THERMO has two connection ports. They’re located at the top part of the casing.

One port with a permanently installed E / O cord (cords with wet connector) is to be used only for the heated dive wear.
The heating supply has a three-stage heating control at the ranges of: 0 / 70%  / 100%.
This port is equipped with the so-called intelligent E / O circuit.
200 W is the total electrical load capacity of the connected equipment (lighting, heated dive wear: undersuit, vest, gloves)

The casing is made of a combination of hard anodized aluminium and Policatal (POM C).
Policatal (POM C) is a light and extremely durable polymer resistant to mechanical damage.
The aluminium alloy used in ACCU THERMO is light, durable and resistant to corrosion in sea water.

Additionally, the aluminium elements of ACCU THERMO have been covered with a protective layer of a hard anode. It makes the battery even more resistant to wear and mechanical damage.
All graphics and inscriptions on the casing are laser-engraved, which makes them easy to read, as well as highly durable.




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