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Ammonite Accu Batteries For Canister Lights

Ammonite Accu Batteries For Canister Lights

Light up your dives with Ammonite Accu Batteries! Designed for canister lights, these powerful batteries provide long-lasting performance to keep you exploring. Don't let a dead battery ruin your underwater adventure, trust Ammonite Accu Batteries to keep the light on!

The casing on the ACCU Series is a combination of aircraft-grade high strength aluminum coated with the hard-anodized seawater-corrosion-resistance finish and high strength and Delrin, which is a lightweight but very tough and corrosion resistant polymer. The canister is sealed with two o-rings and equipped with a safety valve.

Due to the modular construction, you have the possibility to configure your umbilical light set regarding your needs.
All umbilical lights, cables, batteries and heating batteries are equipped with the same chinch type connector that we haven't changed for years.
So when one of the parts wears out or you would simply want to upgrade it there are no obstacles to doing so. 

Modularity affects also the convenience of use and safety. For example, you can change the broken cable for a new one on the diving spot without the need for sending it to the service center. This makes it very convenient for the diver to replace worn out parts to keep the system running for many years to come.

In the standard version, the ACCU batteries are fitted with a webbing fixed loop fastening to the hip belt.

The batteries can be equipped with alternative fastening systems Sidemount bungee style mounting plate  or ACCU CLICK MOUNT .

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