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Ammonite A360 and S360 T Valve for Heated Drysuit Undergarments

Ammonite A360 and S360 T Valve for Heated Drysuit Undergarments

Upgrade your heated drysuit undergarment with the Ammonite A360 and S360 T Valve. Keep your body warm and dry during underwater adventures. No more chilly dives!

 The Ammonite T-Valve is the perfect solution for all your underwater heating needs! This is a essential piece of kit for divers who are looking to use a battery powered heated undergarment underneath their drysuits as this valve allows you to run the cable from the externally mounted battery to the inside of your drysuit and right to the heated undergarment.

The Ammonite T-VALVE allows for a 360-degree rotation and can be used with a variety of hose configurations, so it doesn't matter if your rig has the drysuit hose going under your right arm or your left. It boasts a low profile and a domed form to minimize any snagging hazards, no matter where it's positioned. The oversized push-button is effortless to use, even with bulky gloves or cold hands. Made with durable materials like nickel-plated brass and stainless steel, this thermo valve is built to last. The ergonomic design ensures comfort, smooth gas flow, and reliable use in any conditions. With a smooth backplate and numerous Ammonite-shaped holes, it protects against pressure and cold air. Trust the T-VALVE to provide years of trouble-free use.

T-Valve Contains:
A360 or S360 T-VALVE

- dis/mounting wrench

- manual and certificate

- eco-friendly packaging



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