Collection: Deep 6 Expedition Gear

Deep6 is  the world’s first scuba equipment brand designed from the ground up to be marketed primarily through the internet, social media, select retailers, and word of mouth. Their mission is to offer high-quality scuba gear directly to you, the diver, bypassing traditional channels and focusing on your needs.

The team at Deep6 envisioned a new type of scuba diving brand—one that is directly responsive and accountable to the consumer. Knowing  this was a radical departure from the norm, and to succeed, they had to rethink and reformulate every step of the process from the manufacturer to the consumer.

Deep6 offers a comprehensive range of scuba equipment designed to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. Browse through our products and experience the Deep6 difference:

  • High-Quality Regulators

  • Durable Dive Computers

  • Comfortable Wetsuits and Drysuits

  • Reliable Buoyancy Control Devices (BCDs)

  • Essential Accessories and More

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