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Deep Dive Supplies

Mares Excite Pro Fins

Mares Excite Pro Fins

Crafted from innovative and high-performance bi-materials, the Excite Pro diving fins deliver superior thrust while minimizing leg fatigue. The unique distribution of rubber and TPO on the blade creates an enhanced channel thrust effect, allowing for efficient water movement and increased propulsion with every kick.

The Excite Pro version of the fins features a more rigid blade compared to the Excite version, providing a high performance thrust against current. This high-performance fin requires more physical effort, but provides unrivalled thrust

The main features of the Excite Pro fins are:

• Innovative materials for a more harmonious thrust
• Enhanced channel thrust
• Optimized for maximum thrust
• Color coordinated bungee strap

For care and maintenance, carefully read the instructions that come in the packaging to properly maintain the product.

Blade length (from end of foot pocket to end of blade):
XS – 14.1 in
S – 15.3 in
R – 15.7 in
XL – 15.7 in


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